Senior Oluwatise Okeremi radiates enthusiasm, and her infectious smile only hints at the depth of empathy, compassion, confidence, and curiosity within her. Unsurprisingly, her dream is to create positive change and sustainable impact in developing nations like her homeland, Nigeria.

To gain the knowledge she would need to fulfill her dream, Okeremi chose to major in Public and International Affairs. As she was keen to start manifesting change while still at Princeton, she also participated in Keller's Tiger Challenge program, which teaches design methodologies in innovating solutions to societal problems. 

The program's humanistic approach to solution creation allows students to develop a deeper understanding of problems and issues by engaging directly with the key constituents. "I learned the importance of not only talking to people but really listening to them, "said Okeremi. "The biggest realization for me was that listening and connecting to the people you are trying to serve is the key to finding long-term solutions."

Among her many interests, Okeremi loves to learn new languages and immerse herself in the cultures and people who speak them, which will be a great benefit when she embarks on her year-long master's program at Tsinghua University in Beijing this summer as a Schwarzman Scholar.  

Okeremi hopes to study the relationship between China and the United States from the Chinese perspective while in Beijing. "I think it is essential to see all sides of a situation and understand everyone's perspectives to be able to address, create, and solve problems," said Okeremi. She hopes the insights and experience she gains in her year abroad will inform her future work to uplift and advance Nigeria.