As the University plans for its first virtual commencement, we understand how bittersweet this moment is for our students and campus community. We will find a way to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of the class of 2020, but it will be far from what they expected. One silver lining may be that our Princeton graduates will have the same experience as every other graduate in the nation. Maybe this commonality will bring their generation closer together as they see social media posts of past prom photos, hear commencement speeches from politicians and celebrities, and feel the support and pride of the world.

Keller recently spoke with Chitra Parikh '21 Undergraduate Student Government (USG) President about her experience over the last few months and how she adapted her role as a campus leader to help the student body transition off-campus during a global pandemic.

"I am currently living at home in New Jersey with my parents, my brother (a senior in high school), and my grandparents. It has been challenging to navigate balancing academic and familial responsibilities, along with the stress of the COVID-19 crisis.

As an Architecture major, figuring out how to continue working in my design courses took a bit of time and a good deal of creativity. I've been grateful for the support I've received from both my professors and from my independent work advisor.

My role in USG has changed quite a bit, especially since many of the activities and events USG had been planning for are no longer able to take place. In the spring semester, USG would typically be continuing the work of our task forces and planning for events such as Lawnparties and the Dean's Date Celebration. However, this year we are focusing on relaying students' concerns, stresses, and experiences caused by the pandemic to the University administrators.

As we help students face the difficulties of this unprecedented time, USG is committed to creating opportunities for students to share their feedback and opinions with administrators. For instance, we are hosting a Q & A with Dean of the College Jill Dolan, and Vice President for Campus Life Rochelle Calhoun next week. We are working closely with many offices across campus to ensure that students can share how the pandemic is affecting them, especially as decisions about the fall semester are considered and announced.

While I've been nervous about the uncertainty surrounding my final year at Princeton, I've appreciated being able to stay in touch with friends via Zoom and FaceTime, especially during stressful times like finals. I am looking forward to a time when we can all reunite and come back to campus. I miss Princeton, and I can't wait to see everyone again!"