Computer Science Assistant Professor Andrés Monroy-Hernandez will be teaching Keller’s newest course starting this spring. Designing the Future of Work: Public Interest Technology Development offers students the opportunity to reimagine technologies and create alternative systems to enhance the wellbeing of gig workers.

“My goal for this course is to have students think critically about the role of technology and society with a very concrete goal to empower themselves and the communities around them,” said Monroy-Hernandez.

Monroy-Hernandez brings years of industry experience and research in human-computer interaction to Princeton. His design thinking approach to teaching will allow students to learn and create impact simultaneously. 

In his course, interdisciplinary teams of students will collaborate with partner organizations to architect more equitable and community-centric technologies.
Monroy-Hernandez emphasizes that this is a fully interactive and engaging course that “will build on the expertise of the students themselves to help organizations in the real world.” A win for the partner organizations and the students who learn valuable skills while contributing to something meaningful.