We caught up with the team to see how things were going in the first month of the eLab Accelerator program.

KC: What made your team apply for eLab and create your company?

Berry: We applied to eLab to explore entrepreneurship full-time over the summer and develop our health-based startup, which we are all very passionate about working on. Many of our team members have diet-related health concerns and felt frustrated by the lack of accessible, customizable, online, grocery shopping options. Our goal is to fulfill the nutritional needs of people who may need help filtering out the multitude of choices in today's saturated and confusing online health food marketplace.

KC: What does your team hope to accomplish in your ten weeks in the accelerator?

Berry: Our team is committed to developing our business model, building a fully functioning product, gathering feedback from beta-testers, and preparing to launch our company and help our users get the balanced, customized foods they need for optimum health.

KC: When you are not working on Berry, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Berry: The five of us have lots of different interests, but we all share a love of cooking and eating!

Berry will be presenting their startup pitch at Keller Center's online Demo Day August 11th. We hope you'll join us.