Tiger Challenge is a class that offers an immersive exploration into the realm of design for social innovation, where students dive deep into real-world problem-solving using hands-on methodologies. In this course (previously titled Community Project Studios - Studio 2: Tiger Challenge), students collaborate with community partners and faculty advisors to create tangible solutions that address pressing societal challenges.

Throughout the year-long sequence, students embark on a journey spanning contextualization, conceptualization, and implementation phases. This journey is characterized by hands-on engagement with community partners and faculty advisors to create meaningful impact through design. By the end of the course, students emerge equipped with a deep understanding of problem framing and solving, grounded in the context of social innovation.


Prerequisites and Restrictions

Tiger Challenge comprises a year-long sequence (PDF), consisting of EGR 340 and EGR 341, with one course credit being awarded to students who have completed both courses. While EGR 340 carries no course credit, it is as a prerequisite for EGR 341. The course is open to students of all majors (AB and BSE) and class years, including graduate students.


Other Information

As an experiential class, Tiger Challenge provides tailored instruction through weekly classes and individual team-instructor meetings. In addition to class-wide lectures, guest speakers, and activities, each team receives personalized guidance to navigate the complexities of social innovation and problem-solving. Interested students should have a commitment and passion to framing and addressing social challenges.

Moreover, Tiger Challenge emphasizes the application of design methodologies to drive real impact. Students work closely with community partners to contextualize challenges, conceptualize innovative solutions, and implement actionable plans. Through this collaborative approach, students design and develop tangible outputs that address real-world issues, fostering positive societal change that makes a real difference in the world.