Program Admission

Students interested in the program will be expected to submit the following application form, normally at the end of the sophomore year and, in general, no later than the fall of the junior year. 

The deadline for sophomores to submit applications is April 30. In this application, students must submit a short statement outlining a tentative plan and timeline for completing all of the requirements of the program.  The statement will include an account of the two introductory courses, two core courses and one breadth course (as explained in the Requirements section) that the student proposes to take, and explain how these courses fit into his or her aspirations for learning and practicing entrepreneurship. Students are encouraged to make a special effort in the application to describe their proposal for the practicum requirement (learning by doing, with a high bar of excellence).

Note: Please contact Victoria Dorman (  with any questions regarding application process. Sophomores are encouraged to submit applications in Spring ( by April 30). Juniors should contact Victoria Dorman regarding their applications. All students, who are interested in the program, are invited to the entrepreneurship program's colloquium to see posters by juniors with practicum proposals and listen to seniors, presenting their  practicum ( May 7 , 11am - 2 pm, at the eHub located at 34 Chambers street).