What attracted you to the Keller Center?

They offered a stipend to work on a cool project and learn about entrepreneurship. I was attracted to the Keller center because the activities sounded interesting. After learning a whole lot about starting businesses and stuff, I'm even more interested!

How are you involved with the Keller Center?

I am an engineer working with Invictis Technologies. We are going to revolutionize the medical device industry!

What do you appreciate most about the Keller Center?

Through the Keller Center eLab summer accelerator, I got the opportunity to dive into the realm of entrepreneurship without fear of severe detriment to personal life or finances. The eLab connected me with several mentors who provided insightful project advice and shared life lessons that will stick with me for a long while. Also, I got to work on a project with a team of friends. My time (so far) with the Keller center was probably the period of greatest personal growth I've experienced.