2021 Program and Schedule

Date and Time

Thursday, October 7, 2021

1 pm Eastern


Can Social Entrepreneurship Deliver Social Justice?

Manish Bhardwaj, CEO and Co-Founder of Innovators In Health; James Wei Visiting Professor in Entrepreneurship 2021-2022

Justice is hard because it is not win-win: it requires some to cede advantage. Enduring justice requires that this ceding of advantage be rooted in a realization of moral obligation, a realization of the moral costs of our advantage. Social entrepreneurship frames progress differently. It prizes innovation, disruption, sustainability, scale, and the utility of business precepts. Can these two frames be reconciled? Are there precepts of justice that social entrepreneurs must incorporate in their work? I will draw on my experience at the frontlines of the work of justice, and as a product of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in seeking this reconciliation.


1:00 pm - Opening remarks by Dean Andrea Goldsmith

1:10 pm - Welcome by Cornelia Huellstrunk, Executive Director of the Keller Center

1:13 pm - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math pitches

  • 1:13 pm - Yue Ma: Reconfigurable Antenna for IoT/5G Wireless Systems – a reconfigurable antenna system, based on large-area electronics.
  • 1:22 pm - Alex PlaceTantalum Superconducting Qubits Second Place STEM Winner – an invention with the potential to revolutionize fields ranging from drug discovery to artificial intelligence by speeding fabrication and extending coherence times.
  • 1:32 pm - Xiaohui XuSolar Absorber Gel Third Place STEM Winner – a technology that purifies polluted water using only natural sunlight.
  • 1:42 pm - Nathaniel BanksProject Plastic – a floating bio-filter platform treatment that removes micro-plastics from rivers and active water systems.
  • 1:52 pm - Micah NelpSoliome First Place STEM Winner – a genetically encoded, engineer-able sunscreen that is ecologically safe and made from components already present in the human body.
  • 2:02 pm - Robert Shi: Mechanical Multiplexer – a mechanical device using a single driving motor to control multiple outputs

2:15 pm - Remarks by Esther "Starry" Schor, Chair of the Princeton University Humanities Council

2:20 pm - Humanities and Social Sciences pitches 

3:20 pm - Remarks by Rod Priestley, Vice Dean for Innovation 

3:30 pm - Poster and networking session 

4:00 pm - Keynote by Manish Bhardwaj, CEO and Co-Founder of Innovators In Health; James Wei Visiting Professor in Entrepreneurship 2021-2022

4:20 pm - Closing ceremony and remarks by Naveen Verma, Director of the Keller Center

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Reconfigurable Antenna for IoT/5G Wireless Systems

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Tantalum Superconducting Qubits

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