Application Process

Are you a member of the Princeton community with a startup idea or research that has the potential to be commercialized? We encourage you to apply to present your idea at the 2021 Innovation Forum. The application period is expected to open in Spring 2021.

How to Apply

Please follow the steps below:

1. Email the executive director Cornelia Huellstrunk to confirm your intention to compete.

2. Prepare the following materials:

  • An overview of the innovation (in PDF format, no longer than 2 pages) including:
    • Background of the innovation
    • Description of the innovation
    • Nature of the potential commercial applications of the innovation
    • Status and future plans for additional research
  • The slide presentation you intend to use during your pitch (PowerPoint or PDF format, no more than 5 slides, may not include video content) - engineering and natural sciences projects only
  • Your video pitch recorded using Zoom. Please reference the Zoom Help Center tutorial for further instructions or email Gina Sesta for assistance.
    • 3 minutes for engineering and natural sciences projects
    • 5 minutes for humanities and social sciences projects
  • A demo/poster you would like to showcase at the reception

Keller Center coaches can assist you in preparing your Innovation Forum materials.

3. Email your application materials to Gina Sesta.

Presentation Format

Prior to the public presentations, participants may be asked to field questions from the judges on their submissions. Judges will have access to the complete application material (overview document, slide presentation and filmed pitch) in advance.

A three-minute “elevator pitch” presentation (for engineering and natural sciences) or five-minute TED Talk format presentation (for humanities and social sciences) to a panel of judges and an audience of angel investors, venture capitalists, faculty, students, staff and members of the Princeton area entrepreneurial community.

A poster session and reception following the public presentations and keynote, where presenters may discuss their innovations with attendees.