Location and Schedule

2020 Innovation Forum


Tuesday, September 29



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1:00 pm – Opening remarks

Andrea Goldsmith, Dean of Engineering and Applied Science  

Naveen Verma, Director of the Keller Center

Cornelia Huellstrunk, Executive Director of the Keller Center

1:22 pm – Direct recycling of lithium-ion batteries 

Chao Yan, Research Associate, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

1:32 pm – High-Throughput Elicitor Screening (HiTES) 

Maryam Elfeki, Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemistry

1:42 pm – Improved separation using a low-turbulence centrifuge

Erik Gilson, Principal Research Physicist, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

1:52 pm – Data-driven, photorealistic social face-trait encoding, prediction, and manipulation using deep neural networks

Jordan Suchow, Assistant Professor, Stevens School of Business

2:02 pm – Break

2:15 pm – Remarks by Kathleen Crown, Executive Director of the Humanities Council at Princeton

2:22 pm – Representable.org

Preeti Iyer, Princeton Alumni and Co-founder, Representable.org and Kyle Barnes, Undergraduate student and Co-founder, Representable.org

2:34 pm – Animation and graphics for justice

Laurence Ralph, Professor, Anthropology

2:46 pm – Poetrygo!

Effie Rentzou, Associate Professor, Department of French and Italian

2:58 pm – Rupturing Tradition

Brooke Holmes, Robert F. Goheen Professor in the Humanities and  Dan-El Padilla Peralta, Associate Professor, Classics

3:10 pm – Remarks by Rod Priestley, Vice Dean for Innovation

3:20 pm – Novel therapeutics for the treatment of acute and chronic hepatitis virus infections

Alexander Ploss, Associate Professor, Molecular Biology

3:30 pm – Costly virtual rating slider

Dalton Conley, Henry Putnam University Professor, Sociology

3:40 pm – Metabolite potentiation of nitrofuran activity in drug-tolerant bacteria

Cathy Tang, PhD Candidate, Chemical and Biological Engineering

3:50 pm – Bring back the wonder

Caleb Bastian, Visiting Scientist, Applied Mathematics

4:00 pm – PoreBiome: A “porous petri dish” for microbial assays in complex environments

Sujit Datta, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

4:10 pm – Presenter demo stations 

4:40 pm – Closing ceremony

5:00 pm – Event ends