Seven of our faculty members received commendations for Outstanding Teaching from the School of Engineering and Applied Science for the fall 2023 semester. Dean Andrea Goldsmith and Vice Dean Antoine Kahn have recognized the following Keller faculty as determined by overall course ratings from students.

  • Majora Carter - The Reclamation Studio: Humanistic Design Applied to Systemic Bias
  • Denise Crossan - Community Project Studio - Tiger Challenge
  • Shahram Hejazi - Venture Capital & Finance of Innovation
  • Jessica Leung - Community Project Studios - Tiger Challenge
  • Derek Lidow - Community Project Studios - eLab¬†
  • Michael Littman - Community Project Studios - Making to Learn and Serve
  • Denny Strigl - Leadership for Business Development

Our dedicated faculty members have created a wide range of courses that equip graduate and undergraduate students with the knowledge and skills they need to create lasting societal impact.

Congratulations, and thank you to all our faculty for your commitment to ensuring the academic rigor, engagement, and standard of learning paramount to the Princeton experience.

Visit the School of Engineering and Applied Science website for the full list of engineering faculty receiving recognition for their teaching for the fall of 2023.