Majora Carter, an urban revitalization strategist, entrepreneur, and real estate developer, brings to Princeton a wealth of design experience and an innovative nature forged throughout a career built on problem-solving, award-winning leadership across multiple disciplines.

"Creativity, innovation, and design are key elements in what I do and are essential to my career advancement, my social advocacy initiatives, and every project I take on," states Carter. She plans to focus on the importance of utilizing these skills for progressive social engagement, career advancement, and personal development.

Carter was at a point in her career where she started asking herself, "What next?" After a conversation with friend and colleague Mauricio Miller about his experience as a visiting professor in the Keller Center, she realized teaching here should be her next big adventure. She sees this as an opportunity to pass on her know-how and get energized and invigorated by bright, young minds.

"I am overjoyed when I see young people building on and benefiting from my experiences instead of reinventing the wheel or making the same mistakes we all made before," said Carter. By sharing her insights with Princeton students, she hopes to help enable them to move beyond her own formidable achievements and use the power of creativity, innovation, and design to increase the chances of success for everyone and create positive impact on our society.

Carter will be teaching EGR 200: Creativity, Innovation, and Design.