Community Project Studios

In Community Project Studios (formerly 'EPICS'), students earn academic credit for participation in multidisciplinary teams that work on projects over one or more years. The course mission is to provide a hands-on, experiential environment, in which students (often alongside community partners) bring real-world projects through to fruition. Although the methodology and projects vary for each studio, all teams in the program are supported through skill-development workshops, close-knit advising, and cultures of peer-to-peer collaboration. Students may participate for up to six semesters.

Students of all majors (AB and BSE) and class years are encouraged to seek enrollment.

EGR 250 is the first course which students need to enroll into. EGR 251 required in the next semester in order to get credit and receive a P/D/F grade. After completion of 251 students may enroll into 350 and 351, and after completion of 351 into 450 and 451. In order to receive full credit for the course, students must enroll in the 2-course sequence, e.g., EGR 250 and EGR 251. Please note that EGR 251 is P/D/F only, but EGR 351 and 451 are fully graded. Students may participate for up to six semesters (should follow the sequence 250, 251, 350, 351, 450, 451). For questions about enrollment, please contact Victoria Dorman (

Students need to enroll into a studio for the project they want to pursue. Visit the Studio pages to learn more about current projects.

Current Studios